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Wedding catering - NW BBQ Catering

Your wedding day is a special day. The LAST thing you need to worry about is the food. For your wedding, you shouldn’t hire a caterer to make your special day a success, you should partner with your caterer to make your day special.

Finding a wedding caterer near your event reduces the risk of timing issues, but finding a quality caterer near your wedding venue might be tough. Northwest BBQ Catering works with caterers all over the place so chances are we have a QUALITY caterer close to your wedding venue. Our caterers have catered hundreds of weddings and have great references. Selecting the best caterer to partner is critical got the bride and groom. So the question obviously is “How can I find the BEST bbq caterer near me?”. We have you covered!

In the Northwest we have a number of great wedding venues and locations. People often talk about your special day and they will always remember the food.

How Far in Advance Should I Engage A Wedding BBQ Caterer?

Really, the sooner the better. Most weddings occur during the same time, so wedding caterers have “busy” seasons. Getting your catering locked in sooner rather than later.

Here is something to keep in mind. Bothering caterers with millions of questions when your wedding is over a year out might frustrate the caterer. One way to keep them engaged over the long haul is to provide them with a deposit up front.

By giving them a deposit, you keep them on retainer during the entire planning process and gets them engaged.

Wedding catering - NW BBQ Catering

What is the Best BBQ Menu for Weddings?

This really depends on your guests, your budget, and your wedding venue. Depending on the location, you might opt to have the caterer to come onsite to smoke or cook your food. Of course, having a caterer cook your BBQ onsite will be an additional cost rather than drop off catering. Cost is a factor as well, however the menu selections that we see the most often are baby back ribs, chicken and pulled pork for meats. The most popular sides are cornbread, coleslaw and baked beans. This is a pretty standard, simple menu that most brides and grooms can agree on…. but hey, it’s YOUR special day the menu is really up to you. There MIGHT be menu options that certain Northwest caterers cannot fulfill, so it’s a good idea to understand what menu items you really like.

Can I Taste Test Before My Wedding?

In some cases yes, others no. Some caterers have a retail location that you can come in and taste the food before you choose the menu. Many caterers do not have a location for you to come, but they sometimes will invite you to one of their catering gigs so you can taste their food. You can also ask for references. Any decent catering has some references. Others do not have a retail location. Good news is that most caterers will find some time to create something for you to try. The GOOD BBQ caterers do this.

What Locations Do You Service?

All over the Northwest. From Bellevue to Vashon Island. From Issaquah to West Seattle. From Ferndale to Olympia. Eastside (Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Kirkland, Bothell) is where we do most of our catering, but it’s really all over the Northwest.

Am I Getting A Good Deal Wedding catering?

Wedding catering with Northwest BBQ Catering

This is where we come in. We can get you multiple quotes for your event. We do the shopping and we get special deals with our caterers and pass that savings on to you! Something else to consider is that some caterers might give you a discount for booking early and providing a deposit. We know our caterers and know what they can do for you to make your wedding most cost effective.

How Does Northwest BBQ Catering Make Money?

 We get a very small finders fee from our caterers for getting quotes over to them. Most of our caterers are pitmasters that love making delicious BBQ. They want to focus on making great food, not marketing their businesses and getting their name out there. We focus on getting quotes over to them, they focus on getting you a good deal on delicious BBQ catering.

Note: Some wedding venues will not allow you to bring in your own caterer. This can be risky as you now have to depend on their in-house catering. Most of the time, that should be fine, but we suggest trying to get your wedding venue administrator to work with the caterer YOU want.

A great wedding venue we suggest:

Stepping Stones Garden

Questions to ask your Northwest BBQ Caterer

Questions to ask your NW BBQ caterer.

Here are some questions you want to ask your bbq caterer:

  1. How long have you been catering? (if less than 1 year, ask for refrences)
  2. Do you have a retail location? This way, you can sample their food. Also, if they DO have a retail location, that usually implies that they are on top of their game. No one can have a retail location stay open unless they are serving great food.
  3. Can we sample the food before we sign an agreement? You should know what you are getting into.
  4. What type of bbq style do you cook? There are many different styles of BBQ **CHECK OUT OUR PAGE OF BBQ STYLES***
  5. Many many more.

Finding the RIGHT BBQ Caterer

Choosing a BBQ Caterer in Bellevue, Redmond and Seattle

There are a ton of bbq caterers out there and some of them are really good at smoke’n meat and preparing side dishes, but to be a great bbq caterer, you must have great organizational skills. You must be able to know how long everything takes to cook. Ribs take a shorter time then butts and briskets. Smoked mac and cheese takes longer then making collard greens. Everything is about timing. If you caterer does not get back to you within a short amount of time, that’s a red flag.

Here are some things to think about:

  1. References. Does your caterer have references. Names and phone numbers. Get them, use them.
  2. Food. Have you had their food before? Might be good to taste the product before you buy it.
  3. Timing. Did the caterer respond in a timely manner? If not, that might be sign.
  4. Location. If your event is in Bellevue, finding a caterer that is close will increase your chances of getting your food on time.

Your event is important, and the catering must be spot on. Take your time and get the RIGHT bbq caterer for your event. Our caterers are top notch. Let us do the busy work and provide you with quotes from many different GREAT bbq caterers from Redmond, Bothell, Seattle, Edmonds and Bellevue!

Bringing Your Pitmaster to the Event Makes the Experience

Onsite bbq catering makes the Northwest event special.

BBQ catering is about food sure, but what people talk about more is the BBQ EXPERIENCE. A BBQ is an event whether in Bothell, Redmond, Seattle, or anywhere here in the Northwest. People love the feeling a BBQ brings and those feelings can make your food taste even better. Our caters offer pickup or drop off sure, but if you want your event to be a hit, have them cook on site and bring an experience.

The one downside that having a pitmaster coming onsite to your anniversary, wedding or other event can be a little more expensive. Here in the Northwest, weather is always a question, but normally the caterer is prepared for weather issues. Regardless, communication is a must, keep in constant contact with caterer, they will let you know if there is an issue.

Most of our caterers will travel onsite for your event. 

Our service area covers all over the place: Bothell, Kenmore, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah, Seattle, Everett, Tacoma to mention just a few. There are all sorts of events here in the Northwest that we cater for. Want a quote? Take 2 minutes and fill out this form.  

What is Brisket?

So what is “brisket”? We get that question all the time at the bbq shop. Brisket is a cut of meat from a cow that is from the breast or lower chest area. Beef brisket is considered a “primal cut” although you will get a different classification outside the US sometimes.

Beef brisket is considered one of the main items you get asked for when bbq catering. There are three meats that are typically asked for:

  • Beef Brisket
  • Pulled Pork
  • Pork Ribs 
BBQ catering a beef brisket is the best for catering

Beef brisket can be eaten alone or on a sandwich. One of the ways people ruin a beef brisket is they trim ALL of the fat off the top of the brisket. A good BBQ caterer looks at the cut of meat, looks at the density and evaluates how much of the “fat cap” to cut off of the top of the brisket. Some of that fat is needed to ensure the brisket does not dry out. Great bbq caterers understand this and more importantly understand how the slow smoking process effects the brisket.

If you are going to have an event catered by a bbq caterer. Make sure you try out their food BEFORE you order. At the very least look online to see if they have any good reviews. People will review good beef brisket. They will also be very vocal if that beef brisket is not good.

Give us a call, or email if you have any questions around ordering beef brisket when engaging a bbq caterer.

BBQ Catering Quotes

If you look around the internet at the different bbq caterers out there, they all have a different way you need to enter in your bbq catered event. Some do it by the pound, others do it by the person… it gets confusing. One way that you can get a bbq catering quote for anywhere in the US is to submit your request for bbq quote to These guys have a super strong presence not only here in the Northwest, but all over the US. They have connections with many different bbq caterers.

BBQ Catering always order beef brisket

All of your different bbq catering needs can be fulfilled by BBQ catering for your wedding, your corporate party, your anniversary party, tailgate party or any other type of event, they can match you with not just one bbq caterer, but many different caterers. Then you can decide based on price, reputation, whatever. The point is, is that they save a ton of time. Submit once, get multiple bbq catering quotes back. Not to shabby I’d say.

The Best Bothell BBQ Catering

Bothell BBQ catering setup - NW BBQ Catering


Bothell has grown so much over the years. Lots of folks moving into the neighborhood and more and more birthday parties, weddings, anniversary parties and work related events. Bothell bbq catering has been growing lock and step with the population growth.

We offer all Bothell bbq catering services for the following neighborhoods:

  • Downtown Bothell
  • Canyon Park
  • Thrashers Corner
  • North Creek
  • Beardslee

We have a couple of good BBQ Caterers in and around Bothell and if your event is going to be in the area, it’s real good to work with a LOCAL caterer. You are able to communicate directly with them as well meeting them face to face.

If your event MUST go off without a hitch, check out our bbq caterers in Bothell. They have been catering for years and not only know how to cook fabulous bbq, but they are also have years of experience catering events like:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Tailgate Parties (GO HAWKS!)
  • Graduation Parties
  • Community Events

Just click on the Request a BBQ Catering Quote menu item at the top of the page to start getting quotes from our Bothell area bbq caterers!